Complete List of the Books of Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad - Khalifatul Masih IV

This is a complete list of all the books authored by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad رضي الله عنه the fourth Caliph of the Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad عليه السلام and head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim CommunityHazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (1928 - 2003) was in every sense a very great man -- A man whose greatness was not confined to the good he was able to do during his life but the good that has continued since. It was Sir Christopher Wren who had his epitaph inscribed in St Paul's Cathedral which read 'If you seek my monument look around you'. The same can be said of Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad -- Only his monument does not lie in so much as bricks and mortar but in the rich legacy he has left behind in the form of his glowing achievements. These will continue to serve as a living testament to his passion for preaching compassion for others and for the promotion of good for generations to come. His philosophical and religious work during the last 2 decades of the previous century dispelled darkness and filled the age with the light of Divine wisdom which radiated from him. His brilliance was not confined to that century alone. It is to remain outstanding work of unique greatness for centuries to come.  The purpose of this list is to offer a chronological list of all his books in the original language alongside the available translations published by Islam International Publications Ltd (unless stated otherwise). 

The Tahir Archive.
A Man of God [Urdu: Ek Mard e Khuda, tr. Chaudhary Muhammad Ali] by Iain Adamson, (Shepherd, 1991).  VideoTrailer.
Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV by Naseer Ahmad Anjum.
1.  Mazhab Key Nam Pur Khun, (1955).
2.  Meri Ummi Marhuma Ki Seerat Key Chand Awraq, (1963).
3.  Warzish Key Zeeney, [Steps to Exercise], (1965, English: Majlis Khuddmaul Ahmadiyya UK, 2006).
4.  Ayut 'Khatamun Nabiyin' ka Mafhum or Jamaat Ahmadiyya ka Maslak, (1968).
5.  Sawaneh Fazl e Umar, (1975).
6. Risala 'Rabwah Sey Tel Aviv Tuk' Pur Tabsirah [From Rabwah to Tel Aviv], (1976, English: London 
    Mosque, 1976).  
7. Azab e Ilahi ya Mehaz Itefaq?, [Natural Disasters or Divine Punishment?], (al Furqan 1976 / 
8.  Visal e ibn e Maryam, (1979). 
9.  Difference Between Jamaat Lahore & Jamaat Qadian
11.  A Message of Hope, (1982).
12.  Bepardagi Kei Khilaf Jihad, (1982).
13.  The Spiritual Discovery of Australia, (1983).   
21.  Salman Rushdie Ki Kitab Pur Muhaqiqana Tabsirah, (1989).
23.  Murder In the Name of Allah, (Lutterworth Press, 1989). iBooks | Kindle | ePuB | PDF | Google
24.  Tehreek e Waqf e Nau, [Sermons on Waqf e Nau], (1989, English: 2005).  Videos.
25.  Islam's Response to Contemporary Issues, (1990, 1992, Urdu).  iBooks | Kindle | PDF
       ePub | Google | Video.
30. Khalij Ka Buhran or Nizam e Nau, [The Gulf Crisis & The New World 
      Order](1991, English: 1992).  Video.
31.  Zauq e Ibadat or Adab e Dua, (1991, 1993).  Video.
40.  Kalam e Tahir, (2001).  Appendix.
42.  Introduction to the Surahs of The Holy Quran: With Brief Explanatory Notes to Some Verses.
43.  With Love to Chinese Brother.
44.  Khutbat e Tahir.  Summaries of the sermons in English are available at The Tahir Archive.
45.  Khitabat e Tahir, (vol ivol ii: English summaries of the Innaugural Addresses to Jalsa Salana are available at The Tahir Archive.
46.  Addresses to the Ijtemas of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya.  Videos.
47.  Al Azhar Lizwat al-Himar: Orrhni Waliyon key liyey Phul, (Addresses to the Ladies).
48.  Addresses to the Ijtemas of Majlis Ansarullah.    

* Addendum.  Videos.

** Tom Cox on Revelation, Rationality Knowledge & Truth
** The Holy Quran, (Holland 1955).  Translated into English by Maulawi Sher Ali, brief explanatory notes by Hazrat Mirza 
     Tahir Ahmad, (1997).

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