Complete List of the Books of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

I now distribute those treasures which were buried
For thousands of years if someone is desirous

This is a complete list of all the books authored by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad عليه السلام the holy founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community whose service in the field of literature earned him the Divine title 'Sultan of the Pen.'  The purpose of this list is to offer a chronological list of all his books in the original language alongside the available translations of the full book in English published by Islam International Publications Ltd (unless stated otherwise).  Alternative English translations are published by the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.

The Ruhani Khazain is a 23-volume set of the original books.  An Introduction to the Hidden Treasures of Islam is a book comprising of introductions to each of the works.  Select translations have appeared as a 5-volume set titled The Essence of Islam.

Message from Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad - Khalifatul Masih V On the Occasion of the Publication of the Computerised edition of Ruhani Khazain.

1.  Purani Tahrirein [Early Writings].  (1878, 1879, Anwar Ahmadiyya Press, 1899).
2.  Barahin e Ahmadiyya [Arguments in Support of 'The Holy Quran' & the Prophethood of the 
     Holy Prophet].  5 Vols.  (Safir e Hind Press 1880, 1882, Riyaz e Hind 1884, Anwar Ahmadiyya 
     Machine Press, 1905.  English: i & ii, iii, iv, Islam International Publications Limited, 2012).  
3.  Surma Chashm Arya [Guidance for the Aryas].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1886).
4.  Shahna e Haq [Bugle of Truth].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1887).
5.  Sabz Ishtihar [The Green Announcement].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1888.  English: 2008).
6.  Fat'h e Islam [Victory of Islam].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1891.  English: 1973, 1996).  Alternative Translation, 2000.
7.  Taudhih e Maram [Elucidation of Objectives].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1891.  English: 1971, 2004).  Alternative Translation, 1966.
8.  Izala e Auham [The Removal of Misconceptions].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1891).
9.  al-Haq Mubahisa Ludhiana [The Ludhiana Debate].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1891).
10.  al-Haq Mubahisa Delhi [The Delhi Debate].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1891).
11.  Asmani Faisala [The Heavenly Decree].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1891.  English: 2006).
12.  Nishan e Asmani [The Heavenly Sign].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1892.  English: 2005).
13.  Ek Isai kei Tin Sawal or un kei Jawabat [Three Questions by a Christian & their Answers].  
     (Anjuman Himayat e Islam, 1892.  English: 1972, 2008).
14.  Aina e kamalt e Islam [The Mirror of the Excellences of Islam].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1893).
15.  Barakatud Dua [Blessings of Prayer].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1893.  English: 1973, 2007).
16.  Hujjatul Islam [A Conclusive Argument in favour of Islam].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1893.  English: 2016).
17.  Sachai ka Izhar [The Truth Revealed].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1893.  English: 2010).
18.  Jang e Muqaddas [A Holy War].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1893).
19.  Shahadatul Quran [Testimony of 'The Holy Quran'].  (Punjab Press, 1893).
20.  Tohfa e Baghdad [A Gift for Baghdad].  (Punjab Press, 1893).  Urdu translation.
21.  Karamatus Sadiqin [The Miracles of the Truthful].  (Punjab Press, 1893).  Urdu translation.
22.  Hamamatul Bushra [The Harbinger of Good News].  (Punjab Press, 1894).  Urdu translation.
23.  Noorul Haq [The Light of Truth].  (Mustafai Press & Mufid e Am Press, 1894).
24.  Itmamul Hujjah [The Final Argument].  (Gulzar Muhammadi Press, 1894)Urdu translation.
25.  Sirrul Khilafah [Secret of Caliphate].  (Riyaz e Hind, 1894).  Urdu TranslationAlternative translation.
26.  Anwarul Islam [The Light of Islam].  (Punjab Press, 1894).
27.  Minanur Rahman [The Blessings of the Gracious God].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1895.  English: Ahmadiyya 
       Muslim Mission Nigeria, 1979).
28.  Ziaul Haq [The Torch of Truth].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1895).
29.  Noorul Quran [The Light of Quran].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1895).
30.  Miyarul Mazahib [The Criterion for Religions].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1895.  English: 2007).  Alternative Translation, 1994.
31.  Arya Dharam [The Aryah Faith].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1895).
32.  Satt Bachan [The True Word].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1895).
33.  Islami Usul ki Philosophy [The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam].  (Matba Siddiqi, 1896.  
       English: 1910, 1979, 2010).  Alternative Translations,
34.  Anjam e Atham [The Death of Atham].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1897).
35.  Siraj e Munir [The Shining Lamp].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1897).
36.  Istifta' [An Enquiry].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1897).
37.  Hujjatullah [God's Final Argument].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1897).
38.  Tohfa e Qeysariyya [A Gift for the Queen].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1897.  English: Islam International 
       Publications Ltd, 2012).
39.  Mahmood ki Amin [Mahmood's Aamin].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1897).
40.  Sirajuddin Isai kei Char Sawalon kei Jawab [Four Questions by Mr. Sirajuddin, a Christian, 
       Answered].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1897.  English: 1968, 2009).  Alternative Translation, 1996.
41.  Kitabul Bariyyah [The Acquittal].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1898.  English Translation, 1996, 1999). 
42.  Al Balagh [The Message or a Cry of Pain].  (Book Depot Qadian, 1898).
43.  Zurooratul Imam [The Need for the Imam].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1898.  English: 2007).  Alternative Translation, 2000.
44.  Najmul Huda [The Star the Guides].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1898.  English: Ahmadiyyah Anjuman Isha'at
       Islam 1933, 1960).
45.  Raz e Haqiqat [A Hidden Truth].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1898).
46.  Kashful Ghita [The Truth Unveiled].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1898.  English: 1898, 2016 ).
47.  Ayyamus Sulha [The Age of Peace].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1899).
48.  Haqiqatul Mahdi [The Truth Nature of the Mahdi].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1899.  English: 2017).
49.  Masih Hindustan Mein [Jesus in India].  (Anwar e Ahmadiyya, 1899.  English: 1944, 2003). 
50.  Sitara e Qeysariyya [Star of the Empress].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1899).
50.  Roidad e Jalsa e Dua [The Proceedings of a Prayer Meeting].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1900).
52.  Tiryaqul Quloob [Panacea of the Souls] (Ziyaul Islam, 1899, 1902).
53.  Tohfa e Ghaznaviyya [A Gift for Ghaznavi].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1902).
54.  Khutba Ilhamiyya [The Revealed Sermon].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1902).Urdu translation.
55.  Lujjatun Noor [An Ocean of Light].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1910).  Urdu translation.
56.  Government Angrezi or Jihad [The British Government & Jihad].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1900. 
       English: 2006).  Alternative Translation, 2011.
57.  Ejazul Masih [Miracles of the Messiah].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1901).  Urdu Translation.
58.  Eik Ghalati ka Izala [A Misconception Removed].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1901.  English: 1978, 2007).  Alternative Translation, 2011.
59.  Tohfa Golarrviyya [A Gift for Golarrvi].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1902).
60.  Araba'in [The Forty].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1902).
61.  Dafiul Bala [Defense Against the Plague].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1902).
62.  al-Huda [Guidance for Perceiving Minds].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1902).  Urdu Translation.
63.  Nuzoolul Masih [The Second Coming of the Messiah].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1902).
64.  Gunah sei Nijat Kyoonkar Mil Sakti Hei [How to be Free from Sin].  (Review of Religions, 1902.  
       English: 1902, 2008).
65.  Ismat e Anbiya [The Honour of Prophets].  (Review of Religions, 1902).
66.  Kashti e Nooh [Noah's Ark].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1902).
67.  Tohfatul Nadwah [A Gift for an-Nadwah].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1902.  English: 2010).
68.  Ijaz e Ahmadi [The Miracle of Ahmad].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1902).
69.  Review bur Mubahisa Battalvi o Chakrralivi [A Review of the Debate with Battalvi & 
       Chakrralvi].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1902).
70.  Mawahibur Rahman [Bounty of God].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1903).  Urdu translation.
71.  Nasim e Dawut [An Invitation].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1903).
72.  Sanatan Dharam [The Sanatan Faith].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1903).
73.  Tadhkiratush Shahadatayn [The Two Martyrs].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1903).  Urdu translation.
74.  Seeratul Abdal [Qualities of the Saints].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1903).  Urdu translation.
75.  Lecture Lahore.  (Rifah e Am Steam Press, 1904.  English: Review of Religions
       1904, 2008).
76.  Lecture Sialkot.  (Mufid e Am Press, 1904.  English: 2007).
77.  Islam ki Haqiqat [The Truth about Islam].  (Review of Religions Urdu, March 1904).
78.  Lecture Ludhiana.  (Magazine Press, 1906.  English: 2003).
79.  Risala al-Waiyyat [The Will].  (Magazine Press, 1905.  English: 1997, 2004).  Alternative Translation, 2000.
80.  Chashma e Masihi [Fountain of Christianity].  (Magazine Press, 1906.  English: 1970, 2008).
81.  Tajalliyyat e Ilahiyya [Divine Manifestations].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1906.  English: 2006).
82.  Qadian kei Aryah or Ham [The Aryas of Qadian].  (Magazine Press, 1907).
83.  Haqiqatul Wahi [The Philosophy of Revelation].  (Magazine Press, 1907).  Urdu translation of Appendix.
84.  Chashma e Ma'rifat [The Fountain of Gnosis].  (Anwar e Ahmadiyya Press, 1908).
85.  Islam kei Samarat [The Fruits of Islam].  (al-Hakm, 18 February 1908),
86.  Paigham e Sulh' [A Message of Peace].  (Ziyaul Islam, 1908.  English: 1968, 1996, 2007).  Alternative Translation, 1993.
87.  Majmuah Ishtiharat [Announcements].  3 Vols.
88.  Malfoozat [Discources].  5 Vols.
89.  Maktubat e Ahmad [Letters of Ahmad].  (4 Vols, 2009).  Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4.  7 vol edition.
90.  Khutut e Imam ba Nam e Ghulam [Correspondence with Hakeem Muhammad Hussayn Qureshi].  
91.  Tadhkirah [Tadhkirah: Dreams, Visions & Revelations].  (English: 1976, 2009).
92Durr e Samin [Precious Pearls].  (Separate Editions of Urdu and Persian poetry).
93.  Durr e Maknun [Early Verse]  (Kashi Ram Press, 1916).
94.  al-Qasaid al-Ahmadiyya.  (2007).

95.  Fatawa Hazrat Masih Maud Aleysalam.  (1935).
96.  Fiqah al-Masih.
97.  Arabi Bol Chal.  (1922).

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