Friday 30 October 2015

Important Publications Relating to 'Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Life' by Professor Jonathan Bate

Falling in love is often about place and placing yourself.
(Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Life).

Ted Hughes at the Hay Festival, (30 May 1996).  A list of all the poems read can be found here.
Interview with Professor Jonathan Bate about his forthcoming biography Ted Hughes: The Inner Life, (February, 2012).
Jonathan Bate: 'Hughes & Plath', (9 February 2014).
Ted Hughes' estate withdraws biographer's access, (The Guardian, 31 March 2014).
Jonathan Bate: How the actions of the Ted Hughes estate will change my biography, (The Guardian, 2 April 2014).
Damon Parker (on behalf of Carol Hughes), (The Guardian, 3 April 2014).
Frieda Hughes: Why I became a councellor, (BBC, 13 May 2014).
Friday Hughes: The Trouble With Death, (BBC, 13 May 2014).


Jonathan Bate: Sylvia Plath's suicide note - did it name a final lover?, (The Guardian, 1 October 2015).
Review by Jeremy Noel-Tod, (The Telegraph, 4 October 2015).
Front Row, (BBC: Radio 4, 7 October 2015).
Interview: Sylvia Plath's Husband, Ted Hughes, Lived A Life Of Poetry And Tragedy, (NPR Books, 10 October 2015).
Ted Hughes: Stronger Than Death, (Featuring Frieda Hughes, Melvyn Bragg & Simon Armitage.  BBC, 2015)
Book Review by Carl Rollyson author of American Isis: The Life & Art of Sylvia Plath, (Star Tribune, 16 October 2015).
Statement from the Ted Hughes Estate, (The Spectator, 14 October 2015).
Book Review - 'The Deauthorised Life of Ted Hughes' by Carl Rollyson, (The University Bookman).
Erica Wagner: Gossip, truth & the impossibility of biography, (The Guardian, 16 October 2015).
Today, (BBC: Radio 4, 16 October 2015).
TORCH Discussion, (16 October 2015).
Letter - Jonathan Bate: There is no reason to doubt Sylvia Plath's word, (The Guardian, 26 October 2015).
The World at One with Martha Kearney, (BBC: Radio 4, 27 October 2015).
Book Review by Ann Skea: 'Telling Tales', (October 2015).
Frieda Hughes - Alternative Values: Poems & Paintings, (2015).
Interview, (The Telegraph, 31 October 2015).
Review, (New York Times, 21 December 2015).
Janet Malcolm: 'A Very Sadistic Man'(New York Review of Books, 11 February 2016).
Bridget Reed on Malcolm's Review: 'Janet Malcolm: Biased, Mean & Brilliant', (Literary Hub, 26 January 2016).
David Troupes's Review, (PN Review, Jan/Feb 2016).
Review, (The Poetry Review, Winter 2015).
Christopher Benfey, 'Getting Over Sylvia Plath', (The Atlantic, Jan/Feb 2016).

Ted Hughes: Posthumous Poems

Live Skull, (Daily Telegraph, 13 May 1999.  31).
Knave of Clubs, (Independent on Sunday, 12 November 2000).
The Zeet Saga, (The Times, 5 June 2003).
A Torridge Tragedy, (The Times, 29 January 2005).
If I were to hear you sigh, (The Sunday Times, 13 August 2006).
'VI' and 'X': Poems not included in Birthday Letters, (The Times, 17 October 2008.  19).
Last Letter, (New Statesman, 11 October 2010).
Sorrow in a Black Coat, (Times Literary Supplement, 5 February 2014).  Hughes' diary for the last week of Plath's life.
Hoof-trimming, (The Spectator, 19 September 2016).

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